Residential Pest Control


Whether you are looking at a termite treatment to protect your investment or you wish to make your house a safer place by having the most effective pest control solution, TBPC service providers offer customised services to all kind of residential premises.1 2

We offer Pest control services for every kind of Residential Building


Whether you stay at the ground floor or in a penthouse, TBPC provides reliable pest management services.


Opting for pest control or extermination services in the farmhouses of Chattarpur or Panvel, is never out of fashion.


Pest control services are prevalent with those who own a spacious garden-rich bungalow or a cottage.


During Dengue season, many hostels avail pest control services to maintain healthy surroundings.

Housing Societies

At least once a year, every co-operative housing society ensures pest control services to keep the premises clean.


Whether it’s a 1RK, a manor, a luxury apartment or simply a wood house, we get you covered.



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Amar Bagul


Dahisar - Mumbai

I used the Top Pest Advisor service Professionals service for spraying and they guaranteed their work and also they checked to make sure that I don�t have any pest in my home. The Service Professionals was on time and very professional, and he was very thorough and explained to me in detail what he was going to do.


Nakul Raut


Vashi - Mumbai

I opted for a mosquito pest control service from this TPA, and it was just awesome. I got a timely service. I absolutely had no complaints and the person who came for service was very professional. He did his job properly and that is all I can ask for. Great Service Top pest advisor


Pawan Kumar


PrabhaDevi - Mumbai

I am slightly disappointed because they could not send me pest control service at 9am in my home. TPA send me a vendor little late, who helped me to get rid of rodents and I am very happy Now


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The answer is simple, many unwanted pests pose a real threat to us in numerous ways, and that is why the internet is flooded with search queries like bed bug control, termite treatment, exterminator, cockroach control etc. to name a few. And that’s why we at TBPC stand as an answer to those search queries. If your next question is what will happen if I don't do pest control? Then, the foremost reason related to pests is the health problems and hygiene issues, as several pests if not treated on time, can result in health hazard and sicknesses. Many species of pests cause, itches, rashes, sores and bites. Moreover, these pests also transmit diseases or health issues such as dengue, malaria, plague, dysentery, diarrhoea and salmonella etc. They can bring disruption & discomfort at the workplace or your home. In fact, pests like rodents and termites can destroy many valuable items, from food to clothes and furniture. So that is why it is crucial to get a top-rated pest control services near your premises to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

Well, at least once or twice a year minimum, to keep your premises pest-free. But shorter or longer intervals between two pest control treatments may be recommended depending on pest type, the gravity of infestation and the environmental conditions. We usually advise business owners and homeowners to check with their pest control company or the service provider/vendor.

Yes, our vendors and service providers very well know that herbal products are in very much demand, and therefore, they prefer to give customised solutions to our every client. Since there is a vast majority of sprays, gels and other pest control formulations available to the pest management domain, we love to recommend eco-friendly pest control treatment.

Often people think that pest control chemicals will leave stains on walls or carpet or perhaps ruin the garden area or the furniture, but this is never the case with us. As we firmly insist our vendors use products that will not cause damage to your surroundings or furniture.

No, it will not happen that way, unless there is a situation of the flash flood. Since cities like Mumbai, Kolhapur and areas like Dombivali, Thane, Virar are prone to flood in the rainy season, and this is exactly why we encourage pest control to be applied at least once or twice a year.