Placing a request on our portal as a customer is 100% free. we don't charge any money from our clients.

The overwhelming majority of customers experiences on our platform are positive, and our professionals usually do an excellent job. And we are only an aggregator based platform

  • We are only facilitating the INFORMATION of the pest control experts available for you with their services. We are only an aggregator of pest control service provider. We have a list of vendors registered with us, who are ready to help you solve the pest issues.
  • Well, Top Pest Advisor(TPA) make your search for the best pest control expert services near you easier. As we offer you information on the availability of a pest control expert, based on your requirement.

It is entirely up to you as the customer to decide who you hire based on your own individual requirements.

However, before hiring a professional, we’d always recommend the following:

  • Check Pricing or Treatment Cost Details.
  • Ask for required pesticides such as herbal or chemical in nature.
  • Make sure you ask them all related questions
  • Be fully comfortable before confirming any professional