You can add and remove locations in your dashboard. Your location can be defined by a city you choose in the dashboard.

You can edit (add &remove) services in your dashboard. Moreover, there have been instances where vendors failed to provide bird control or honey bee control services. We don’t want you to lose customers, so just make sure that you offer the required service as mentioned.

You can receive leads for as many services as you like on TPA, as long as we market for that service

We currently have over 9 pest control services available to pick from and regularly add new ones.

You can add multiple services in your dashboard.

We review all our questions regularly and love it when professionals offer us feedback.

It’s important to us that we get the right amount of information from the customer. If you have any suggestions for us then you can add your suggestions online by following these steps:

TPA welcomes feedback from professionals on the questions we ask customers when they submit their request

You can suggest changes to the questions we ask customers, via an email to the client support team available at support@toppestadvisor.com

TPA is happy to hear from professionals who offer services we do not currently receive leads for

We generally review all the current services we offer and consider new services on a quarterly basis.

To suggest a new service on TPA, please contact our customer care team support@toppestadvisor.com

We conduct a number of checks on every single request on TPA before we send it out to you.

  • We make sure the customer is serious about hiring someone by asking them a number of questions about their request
  • We verify the customer’s contact details.
  • We remove users who abuse our system/don’t pass any of our checks.

Our rigorous screening process eliminates the vast majority of bad enquiries – so you can be confident we’ll only alert you to customers who are genuinely seeking your services.

If you ever have any doubts about the legitimacy of an enquiry we’ve sent you, we’ll happily check it for you so we can continue to improve our service.

In the rare event that a request is released and later identified as not genuine for any reason, we’ll immediately close it to ensure no one is charged for responding to it.